Can 2 People Sleep Comfortably in a 2 Person Hammock Tent?

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There is nothing as thrilling and exciting as a stint of adventure into the great outdoors. Of course the first thing that went through your mind when you thought about spending the night in the great outdoors was “where are we going to sleep?”

Luckily, humans have been doing this for a long time and have prepared a great array of tents and outdoor accommodations to suit every situation. There are tents of all sizes and shapes, even very large luxurious canvas tents that can make an outdoor adventure a little too comfortable to be called an adventure. Plus they can be really heavy and make trekking through forest and plain a headache.

At the other end of the spectrum is the hammock tent. These are small enough to be carried by anyone and can be conveniently strung between two trees keeping the sleeping person completely safe from ground insects and the elements overhead.

best 2 person hammock tents

But if you will be heading out into the unknown with a hammock as your choice of sleeping arrangements, you should know that this is nothing like a typical bed or tent. Following are somethings to know about the using hammock tents as your choice of camping shelter.

Can a 2-Person Hammock Tent Really Hold Two People?

It is not too common for people to go camping all alone and when two or more people plan to sleep under the stars energy efficiency suggests that they do so in the same shelter. Therefore, a 2-person hammock tent seems like the perfect solution for especially arduous treks into the unknown.

But, can two people really fit in a single hammock and still wake up rested enough to hit the trails with vim and vigor the next day? Well that depends.

As a general rule, a tent marked as 2-person is not really talking about comfort but the maximum people that can be stuffed into a space. Whether or not they can sleep comfortably will be a matter of testing out the individual tent.

2 person hammock tent

There are a wide variety of hammock tents on the market and while some might not be conducive to 2 people sleeping together, others might. For example, the traditional hammock tent is simply a hammock with a fabric laid over the top that keeps out the rain and flying insects.

Sometimes this is available in a simple 1-piece presentation like a covered canoe. If two people are accustomed to sleeping very close to each other two people may fit in one of these quite nicely, but it is going to be a snug fit.

But, the Hennessey style hammock tent offers greater versatility in a hammock tent. This setup is more like a traditional hammock strung up below a tarp that protects from the elements. This allows for a wider range of hammock styles to be set up under the tarp.

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Another, important point that will allow more people to share a single hammock is the orientation of the hammock. Most often, a hammock is like a sheet of material suspended at its ends and the sleeper lies with the feet at one end and the head at the other. This can make it difficult for more than one person to share the hammock as they will be sharing the same center of gravity.

But, there are hammocks that are made of interwoven fibers that offer a solution to this. Woven hammocks allow for more than one person to lie in the hammock in different positions as the woven fibers allow for better weight distribution. Combined with a Hennessey style hammock tent, the right hammock may even hold 3 people or 4 people if they are small enough.