How To Choose The Best Indoor Ceiling Fan

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When you are moving into a new house or renew the appearance of your rooms, adding ceiling fans may be a good way to achieve it. A good looking and powerful ceiling fan can bring you a lot of benefits, for example, cool air circulating, fantastic home decoration. But, how to choose the best indoor ceiling fan for your house. Reading this ultimate guide, and you will find the answer.

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How To Choose The Best Indoor Ceiling Fan?


1. Size

Before buying an indoor ceiling fan, it is necessary for you to realize the sizes of your rooms. For a room less than 75 square feet (like a bathroom), you will need a ceiling fan size of 24 to 36 inches; For the room which is 175 square feet,  42 to 48 inches ceiling fan will be suitable. However, for a larger room, which is up to 350 square meters, it may require a ceiling fan of 52 to 56 inches.

2. Installation

There are two kinds of installation of ceiling fans. One is flush mount installation, suitable for low ceilings. And the other one is the down rod mount. You can adjust the length of the down rods to suit the mounts of different heights.

3. Light

Nowadays, many ceiling fans are designed with light. These ceiling fans are not only functional but also good-looking. If you want to use a ceiling fan to decorate your room, this kind of ceiling fan will be a good choice.

4. Remote

If you don’t want to sit up to turn on or down the ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with remote will be a better choice for you. It permits you to control the fans anywhere in your house.

5. Wet/damp Rating

Normal rooms don’t need fans with a UL list for wet/damp rating. However, for the bathroom with heavy humidity, you should ensure the ceiling fan you buy has a UL list for wet/damp rating.

6. CFM

CFM(cubic feet per minute) represents the fan’s airflow capacity. The bigger the CFM is, the more airflow your ceiling fan can make.

7. Warranty

Different brands of the indoor ceiling fan have different warranty durations. You should pay attention to it when you are selecting a ceiling fan.

Hoping you can find the best ceiling fan you want!