What Is Dry Steam Cleaning And How Does A Dry Steamer Work?

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What Is Dry Steam Cleaning?

Dry steam cleaning is a dirt removal procedure that uses vapor solely. This method is quite thorough and useful as it ensures the removal of not only loose dirt but also dirt from all kinds of surfaces, whether soft or hard. The dry steam cleaner releases heat from the steam, which aids in the cleaning up process quite effectively and in a less period. The steam, in this case, holds moisture content of below 5% therefore, ensuring the material at hand does not have a damp feeling once the process is over.

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The primary role of a dry steam vapor is to sanitize and disinfect surfaces that require high thermal energy. Such areas may include toilets, handles, tanks, grinders, and so on. Some unique models can also help in cleaning of curtains, upholstery, and mattress. However, some areas should never use steam for cleaning like walls with paint, unglazed tiles, and unsealed hardwood. The reason for this disclaimer is that steam may end up causing damages to these surfaces.

How Does Dry Steam Cleaner Work­?

A dry steamer works excitingly.

  • First, you have to fill water as per the capacity of the water tank on your specific gadget.
  • Next, plug in the machine to a socket, which has a flow of electricity and allow the water to heat past its usual boiling point.
  • Once the liquid attains a specific temperature, there will be a force directing it to come out.
  • However, the water comes out in the form of pressurized steam. The steam passes through a nozzle or any other attachment depending on the model you are using. This vapor will then clean your chosen material to its desired level of perfection. Any availability of bacteria or mold will face complete elimination.
  • Lastly, use a cloth to wipe away dirt immediately before the little moisture available dries up.

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Note: Since the amount of heat required for this process is very high, there will be no need for any suctions. The high heat guarantees that the moisture coming from the vapor dries up quickly. In an instance where you are cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, it is advisable to steam clean first.


Dry steaming is a very efficient way of removing the dirt; however, you have to be extra cautious to ensure you don’t get burnt by the steam since it will be at a very high temperature. Wear protective clothing to guarantee you complete protection if you want to do the cleaning yourself.

Still, it is good to inform you about the availability of different types of steam cleaners. You might get overwhelmed trying to purchase one you think might meet your cleaning needs. You must buy a gadget with a quick warming uptime. Set a budget and make comparisons to ensure you get a machine that will give you value for your money.

Also, the steamers come in different sizes regarding the volume of water levels in the tanks. Larger tanks will take more time to need a refill, although they can be quite cumbersome in terms of movements. Nevertheless, small steamers are quite flexible but will require continuous refills as their tank holding capacity is a bit lower.